"We are not meant to stay where we are in comfort 

we are meant to grow, evolve, persist, thrive, and develop strength and courage to create a life of abundance and contribution."


Melissa Jirovec

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Wife, Mother, Mindset Strategist, Author & Podcast Host

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I seriously LOVE my job. I provide Prosperity Mindset Strategies for Ambitious Entrepreneurs & Professionals who are ready to create a lifestyle of Freedom and Wealth.  If you are ready to:

- Become that confident, powerful version of yourself 

- Be in control of your lifestyle and business 

- Grow your business, your income, and crush exciting goals

Then you're exactly where you need to be.

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"A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, then you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you." - Bob Proctor

Ready to make the transformation to see results?  

Are you tired of feeling like a slave to your phone?  

Looking at the next level of your business and thinking but how? 

Scared of what others may think of your business and dreams?  

You really just want to create a lifestyle that lasts! 

- It’s time to move the needle forward in your life and business.  

- It’s to create not just a thriving business but a lifestyle.

- It’s time to see yourself win in every single area of your life.  

- It’s time to take control of your dreams.

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how it’s the game changer!

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Are you ready to step into your higher-level self?


It's time for you to get clarity on your goals and make them a reality. I know you want to have, be, and do more.

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"The course helped me get clear on what I truly desired. What happened next was a magical experience!! We ended up finding the house we were looking for with everything I visualized, including the pool. I truly believe we were able to manifest our dream home and our favourite location because of the course! We are forever grateful!!!!"


"Her course was nothing short of excellent. I always enjoy the topics of conversation she offers. She’s relatable, personable, honest and delivers information in an extremely profound way. I look forward to learning more from Melissa."



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to these highly sought after success principles: You Were Born Rich.  My gift to you as you embark on this journey.


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