Melissa Jirovec - Mindset Strategist 

Hey there, 

My name is Melissa Jirovec, and I am a:




Podcast Host

Mindset Strategist

You're probably wondering... what exactly is a mindset strategist?

But I wasn't always a mindset strategist. At  23 years old I was a registered nurse working in a hospital, engaged, and thought this was my life... then everything changed in a way I could never have imagined. My fiancé was in a terrible accident and I became a long-term caregiver at home. While doing personal development work on my own really helped me move forward to a better place, it wasn’t until I found the right mentors that I began to truly thrive at an accelerated rate. 

Changing my beliefs & habits allowed me to achieve some pretty amazing things that have dramatically changed my life. 

I have been able to:

- Regain control of my time… no longer married to my phone and enjoying all life has to offer. 

- Manifest our dream home for our family.

- Start my dream business that is able to provide financially for my family, while still giving us the time freedom we crave.

- Create a lifestyle completely on my terms! I am no longer afraid to live the high life worried about what others might think.

A mindset strategist is: 

Someone who is going to help show you how to claim confidence, calm, clarity, and control in your life and business.

This Means: 

- Standing in your confidence, owning who you are as a business owner and person.

- Bringing that calm energy into your reality to see results.

- Finding clarity in your life, relationships, and business.

- Having the control to create a lifestyle of thriving and wealth.


We are not meant to stay where we are in comfort - we are meant to grow, evolve, persist, thrive, and develop the strength and courage to create a life of abundance and contribution. 

Melissa Jirovec

Since Starting My Journey...

 I've been privileged to be able to devote time to another passion as well- writing! I've written two books; "Getting Out Of The Rut" published in 2016, and "My Daddy's Brain" published in 2017. I've also co-authored three books in The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care series:  25 Tools for Stress Relief, 25 Tools for Happiness, and 25 Tools to Achieve Anything. 


Are You Ready To Make A Change?

If you aren't happy with how your life is playing out.

If you feel deep inside there is something else for you.


Then it's time to make a change...

Because to go after what you want,

you have to do something you have never done.

Good things never come from comfort zones.

Who Does Melissa Work With?

People who truly want to see their circumstances change. People who are ready to upgrade every facet of their life. People who want to significantly change their results for the better. People who want their families to live in abundance and have every experience they desire. People who want to feel confident, powerful, in control, energized, at peace and successful.


If that sounds like what you're after, don't wait! The time is now.