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Hi, I'm

Melissa !

I'm an Identity Mentor, Authenticity Coach & Consultant for the modern business woman who deeply desires to live authentically, as well as radically own her individual path, style and methods.  

My passion is guiding my clients to find their true voice and fully express themselves in their life & work, building the trust and confidence that will allow them to step into distinctive leadership roles, unique opportunities AND fully enjoy the fruits of their labour.


My mission is to ensure that on the path to success and more freedom, women do not lose themselves in the hustle, productivity, and noise of the world...but instead, progress towards a lifestyle of liberation by self-honouring, self-resourcing, and having as much fun as possible every step of the way.

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I work with ambitious business owners & entrepreneurs who want to keep it real. No more fluff, no more playing a role. My clients typically come to me to:

-Move away from what's not a fit for them (relationships, jobs, homes, strategies, ways of operating) and move towards what is (new standards, new boundaries, new jobs, new systems, new experiences etc.)

-Create more success through radical self-expression, stepping into their own unique identity, style and leadership role.

-Identify & move through the fear and 'not enoughness' that's preventing them from using their unique voice, sharing their true beliefs & opinions, and making intuitive moves that will explode their business growth.

-Stand out in their industry for who they are and their distinctive gifts, strengths, and creativity. 

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My Story

In a previous moment in time I was a Registered Nurse working in a small town hospital, engaged, and thought that was going to be my life for the next 45 years…

Then my finance was in a terrible accident and all of a sudden, I became a caregiver and advocate at twenty-three. 

His near-death experience was a GIANT wake-up call for me. I realized that I’d been living a life so limited, unhealthy and focused on things that were ultimately meaningless to me… and I wasn’t going down that path anymore. 

I started investing in mentors who helped me better understand myself, my desires, and how I operate best. I explored curiosities, put myself in different circles, shifted habits, threw out my wardrobe, read a lot of books and figured out what I truly wanted to experience in this life… and bit by bit, I reconnected with the real me that had been there all along, crushed under the weight of expectations, limitations, nonsense and fear. 

Now, I feel free- free to live a life where my decisions are grounded in what's a best fit for me and how I want to express myself in this world. Free to do things in an authentic, liberated way and support those who desire to radically own their unique voice, identity and version of leadership as well. 


How would it feel for you to claim that too?


- Certified Life Coach & Master Coach with the Certified Coaches Federation

- Certified Breathwork & Meditation Practitioner with the Academy of Breath

Melissa is devoted to her own learning & personal development and has completed courses/trainings related to positive psychology, feminine business strategy, mindset improvement, holding space for other women, goal-setting and trauma-informed practices. 


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