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This mastermind is for you if you've been feeling the pull to: 

  • Finally give yourself the gift of powerful self-worth & unapologetic confidence

  • Reducing stress, break patterns, and live with more ease and pleasure

  • Create a lifestyle you're fucking in love with

  • Transform routines + beliefs for quantum leaps in results and healing

  • Explore being in your feminine + masculine and how to operate based on YOUR design

  • Support and being supported by a group of ambitious women with similar BIG goals (environment + energy are so expansive)

  • Struggling to find time for all the things + depleting yourself

  • Procrastinating or avoiding what's in your highest good

  • Not supporting + nourishing yourself properly

  • Operating from lack + scarcity

  • Being self-conscious, having difficulty using your voice, and struggling to put yourself out there

  • Not being in spaces/environments that inspire you 

  • Feeling drained and irritated all the time

  • Struggling financially or staying in workspaces that don't align

  • Going through the motions without presence + intention

  • Trying to fit in boxes that work for others, holding back due to limiting beliefs, and not honoring all the parts of you that are dyingggggg to be expressed

It takes audacity to heal & grow yourself, carry out your dream work, fully show up as your authentic, unapologetic self, and make the edgy shifts necessary to move towards the life you truly desire to live. 

But if you’re bold enough to join us, we’re putting together a mastermind of badass women who are making it happen. 

  • 6 months of mentorship + masterminding

  • Weekly group calls for support, discussion, sharing strategies, practices, and wins, brainstorming ideas, and pushing through tough blocks

  • Voxer chat support so you can connect with the group, ask questions, be witnessed in your experiences, and get support/clarity between calls

  • Beautiful connections with amazing women who don’t just want more, but who are ready to create and live it, just like you. 

  • PLUS workshops + healing sessions with guest experts to help you thrive and win

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What Others Are Saying...

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"This work helped me get clear on what I truly desired. What happened next was a magical experience! We ended up finding the house we were looking for with everything I had visualized... Including the pool!"

- Crystal

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