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It takes audacity to grow your elite team, connect with all your

dream clients and earn the highest income. But if you’re bold enough to join us, we’re putting together a mastermind of badass women

who are making it happen. 

In the last year I have: 

- Bought my family's dream home
- Uplevelled my confidence to new heights

- Published multiple books

- Started a podcast

- Built my dream business

My entire life has elevated because I had the audacity to do it... 

and now it's your turn!


This mastermind is for MOTIVATED business owners who are ready to commit to: 

  • Significantly increasing their income in as short as 6 months time

  • Supporting and being supported by a group of ambitious and badass women with similar BIG goals (we’re going to be BEST friends babes)

  • Doing the inner work that’s going to allow for major changes in circumstances

It's time we ditch: 

  • Feeling burnt out from putting so much into your business without seeing the results

  • Being fearful that you’ve started a business that will fail

  • Feeling frustrated from rejection or having to defend your business

  • Having a hard time balancing personal and professional life, incorporating self-care into your schedule, setting up a schedule, or having time for yourself

Picture This:

*Hitting that trip incentive well before the end of the qualifying period

*Helping your runners on your team to do the same

*Never worrying about where your next lead is going to come from

*And never worrying about the fear of what others might think of you


The Benefits:
Over our time together you will achieve

  • Sharp increase in income

  • More clients/team members (valuable ones)

  • Better results from your entire team

  • More energy & More efficiency

  • Confidence in your life & business and the ability to easily deal with rejection

  • A personal/professional structure that will allow you to easily do what you need to do, have fun, and allow for self-care to boot! (no hustle culture here)

What's Included:

  • 6 months of mentorship and guidance from a Mindset Strategist

  • 12 powerful personal development lessons that you can use over and over

  • Weekly group calls for support, discussion, sharing strategies and wins, brainstorming ideas, and pushing through tough blocks

  • Guidance in establishing solid goals that will propel you forward and have you more energized than ever

  • The kind of significant income that comes from really diving in, committing to your income goal, and transforming your mindset & habits, while also picking the brains of other driven women on a similar path (we’re talking Quantum Leap $$$)

  • Beautiful, lasting friendships with amazing women who don’t just want more, but who are ready to have it, just like you

What Others Are Saying

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"This work helped me get clear on what I truly desired. What happened next was a magical experience! We ended up finding the house we were looking for with everything I had visualized... Including the pool!"

- Crystal

"You can feel her energy and energy doesn't lie.  She's always been truly vibrant and radiates love and positivity.  I want more of that in my life.  Her knowledge combined with her passion for helping others is seriously inspirational."

- Carling

Who Is

Melissa Jirovec

Melissa Jirovec is a top leader in personal development and a highly sought after coach. She is the host of the Thoughts Disrupted Podcast, and her mission is to help you unlock your true potential. She’s an author with two self-published books and co-author of ‘The Wellness  Universe Guide to Self-Care, 25 Tools for Stress Relief’. She works closely with global leader  Bob Proctor, and partners with his Thinking Into Results program to help her clients achieve maximum results.

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