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1:1 Coaching Sessions with Melissa

Set yourself up to feel great & move forward.


Relax & Reset Session

  • 40-minute 1:1 Session

  • Breathwork practice to reconnect to the body and relax the nervous system

  • Get realigned-what’s working, what’s not, what are your next best steps

  • Identify how you operate best and how to support your energy

  • Explore expansive, customized setups to experience more peace & flow

Glow Up Session

  • 40-minute 1:1 Session

  • Reinvent yourself- explore who you want to be, what you want do/have & how you want to feel

  • Customized mindset, energy & embodiment strategies to get you started

  • Expansive practices & supports to tap into your desired identity daily

  • Identify & move through any fears & limiting beliefs holding you back

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