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I'm Melissa.

  • Empowerment Strategist

  • Certified Coach & Mentor

  • Certified Breathwork & Meditation Facilitator

  • Podcast Host & Author

  • Self-Projected Projector 6/2

  • Wife & Mom of 2

  • Leopard Print Lover & Sun Baby

My purpose.

I'm an Empowerment Strategist for professional women who deeply desire to reconnect to their most authentic self, prioritize their wellbeing, identify & establish their purpose work and realign the circumstances of their lives.

My primary values are Vitality, Authenticity, Freedom, Connection & Contribution. I set out to embody these as much as possible in my personal and professional life.

My passion is guiding my clients to disconnect from the world of expectation, harmful productivity and 'not enoughness' to come back to themselves and lead themselves sustainably towards what feels right for them, so they can live a life they enjoy and feel fulfilled.

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My Unique Journey
(And the distinct experience I bring to the table)


I start my professional career in healthcare, first as a Personal Support Worker for adults with intellectual disabilities and then as a Registered Nurse in hospital settings. Once I've really gotten started in Nursing, I can tell that it's not the right career for me- and my mental health begins to decline as I feel trapped and overwhelmed.


My fiancé is in a terrible accident, suffers a traumatic brain injury and I become a caregiver at 23 years old. For the next six years, my entire focus is supporting him in his recovery and rehabilitation, managing a vast healthcare team, insurance and lawyers, frequent moves for his care, and giving birth to/ caring for our two children. This is where my resilience, self-trust and communication skills start to develop.


I start a business so I can work from home, bring in an income for our family and create more fulfillment for myself. It's time to do my own thing after focusing on others for so long! My business career begins as a Consultant for Proctor-Gallagher and then going into business for myself as a Coach. During this time I begin my own personal growth & healing deep dive, hiring mentors, attending international retreats, becoming certified in Breathwork & Meditation, exploring my spirituality, starting my podcast and building my confidence


My immersive personal growth journey slows, we've moved into our dream home back with family and friends, my babies are in school, I've truly reconnected to myself and I'm ready to fully bring my gifts and expansive services to my ideal clients. I rebuild & refine the business in the first half of the year, and prepare for new opportunities.

I am clear on how I want to serve, and I am excited to help you flourish.


- Certified Life Coach & Master Coach with the Certified Coaches Federation (2016)

- Certified Breathwork & Meditation Practitioner with the Academy of Breath (2022)

Melissa is devoted to her ongoing education & personal development and has completed courses/trainings related to positive psychology, feminine business strategy, mindset improvement, holding space for other women, goal-setting and trauma-informed practices. 


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