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Life doesn't feel good when you're doing what you think you 'have to' (and not what's right for you)

When you radically own who you are, support yourself fully, honour how you operate best and refuse to hold onto what's no longer (or never was) a fit- you significantly elevate your health, wealth, and everyday experience. 


You're ready to find more meaning in your life. 

You're ready to reconnect to your purpose, your passion and your personal power. 

And I'm here to support you in this new chapter. Let's dive in.

Melissa Jirovec- Identity Mentor

This is for you if: 

>You want to do the identity work to get clear on who you want to be, what your purpose is, what you want for yourself, and how to be authentic and true to you.

> You want to feel more like yourself in your life & work (you recognize there are areas where you're hiding/shrinking/holding back and/or where you're pushing really hard and it's not working.)


>You feel that there are aspects of your life that are no longer a fit (and you'd like support in trusting yourself and confidently realigning them)

>You want to have the energy and capacity to stay on top of your responsibilities, care for yourself, enjoy life and progress towards the circumstances you want for you and your family (saying NO to hustling, overwhelm & people-pleasing).

>You want to experience more confidence, self-worth, have healthy boundaries in place, and take impactful action to live how you want.

This isn't a good fit if: 

> You do not have financial or emotional capacity to invest in yourself and do the work required to create change.

> You're looking for 'quick fixes' rather than a devotion to the process.

> You require support with mental illness

(and don't have it).

> You require support through active or the effects of trauma (and don't have it).

> You're looking for knowledge (learning), but aren't ready to take action.

3 ways to work 1:1 with Melissa


1hr Clarity Session

1- Desired identity- Who is the woman you want to be this year? What does she experience?

2- What is your purpose/ vision/ goal? How do we move in that direction? 


3- What supports & self-care practices will help you be & feel your best in this transition?

4- Breathwork practice for integration and relaxation.

1hr 1:1 call.

175$ CAD 



1-Identity Work- Together, we'll carve out the identity you deeply desire for yourself and reframe limiting beliefs getting in the way of shifting into it.

2-Supports- We'll go over your daily routines and ensure that you have all the proper supports you need. We'll also create the right self-care practices for YOU and your unique situation.

3-Confidence- We'll start taking action steps to build your confidence on the inside, and on the outside. This might look like conversations that need to be had, a wardrobe audit, speaking up in a group space, etc.

4- We'll stay connected via Voxer chat so you can get support and get your questions answered in real time between calls. This allows you to move through your transformation more quickly.

6 Weekly Calls 

1500$ CAD (pay in full)

Please inquire for payment plan.



1-Identity Work- Together, we'll carve out the identity you deeply desire for yourself AND map out strategies to fully embody it: Reframing beliefs and showing up differently in your everyday life.


2-We'll go over your daily routines, up your self-care game, establish the practices and supports ideal for you, how you want to feel and what you have going on, plus we'll lean into simplifying, organizing, and planning to free up time and create more ease.


3-We'll start building the SELF-TRUST required to make bold, edgy moves that will change your circumstances by strengthening intuition, learning to sit with risk & uncertainty and establishing practices to help you lead yourself.


4-We'll build your CONFIDENCE by exploring your self-image, self-worth, and taking action steps to boost confidence internally, as well as externally so you can feel solid and take impactful action. We'll also stay connected via Voxer chat so you can get support in real time and move through these transformations more quickly.

Biweekly calls

6000$ CAD (pay in full)

Please inquire for payment plan.


Past Client Image


"I got my dream house & Started my dream business!

Working with Melissa was a great experience! She really helped me get clear on what I truly desired and see the bigger picture. I love how supportive and caring she was. Melissa really helped me through some big transitions. Through coaching sessions and one of her programs I was able to find the courage to quit a career I was no longer passionate about, manifest my dream home with a pool AND start my own Reiki business. I look forward to working more with Mel.

I am forever grateful and inspired by her work and her passion for what she does!!!!"


Working with Melissa was the first time I ever had a 1:1 mentor.

I honestly could not have asked for a better experience!

She is silly, energetic, bold, and will absolutely bring the energy to every session. She helped me expand what I knew to be truly possible for myself in my personal and professional life. Through applying what I learned with Melissa/the program, I even left, not only a job but a whole career path (!!) that was no longer serving me. Without her, I don’t know if I ever would have had enough guts, awareness or sense of worthiness to make such a bold move. Melissa teaches you anything is possible and she helps guide you how to take life by the balls.

Having her as your guide/mentor is worth every penny.

Past Client Image


Taking Melissa’s course was one of the best things I ever did for myself.
She really helped me dig deep and uncover the things that were holding me back. She was always there when I needed support, she provided me with tons of resources and tangibles. But most importantly she truly made me feel like she genuinely cared about my success.
I couldn’t have asked for a better coach!

Website graphic- who is Melissa Jirovec?
Who is Melissa Jirovec?

Melissa Jirovec is a Passion & Purpose Mentor for the modern woman who is ready to reconnect to her most authentic self, feel empowered to express confidently and find her truest direction in life.  


Melissa's passion is guiding her clients to disconnect from the world of expectation, productivity and 'not enoughness' to lead themselves through our busy, chaotic world as the woman they want to be, so they can remove the cap on their potential and live a purposeful, fulfilling life.

Read more about Melissa's story here.

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