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Life doesn't feel good when you're doing what you think you 'have to' (and not what's right to/for you)

When you radically own who you are, support yourself fully, honour how you operate best and refuse to hold onto what's no longer (or never was) a fit- you significantly elevate your health, wealth, and everyday experience. 


  • You're ready to find more meaning in your life. 

  • You're ready to create the circumstances you want and to move away from what's not working for you.

  • You're ready to glow up, do work that lights you up, and rev up your hunger for life 

  • You're done with settling, keeping quiet & holding back. There's an empowered, confident, assertive & self-expressed version of you begging to come out!

I'm here to support you in this new chapter. Let's dive in.

Melissa Jirovec- Identity Mentor

1:1 Mentorship programs

Elevate Experience 

In this 6-week experience, we'll use my BLISS framework to increase your capacity for MORE and feel great in your everyday life. This short-term expansion may look like:

  • Strengthening your belief system so you can have/do/be what you want

  • Upgrading your daily flow for more spaciousness, flexibility, peace & energy 

  • Bringing more lightness into your life- laughter, presence, slow flow, fun, etc. 

  • Exploring who you want to be and what your next chapter looks like

  • Uplevelling your self-care game with support and setting yourself up to be in the best state, mind/body/spirit regularly

This option is for you if:

-You have the time/energy to devote yourself fully to your growth & wellbeing for a shorter, more intensive period of time 

-You're interested in making refinements and brainstorming / strategizing more than looking at root causes and doing deep growth/healing


-You want to make quick changes to boost your energy & confidence, create more space and ease in your day, and feel better about how you operate on a regular basis

999$ CAD (pay in full)

Email for payment plan options.


Elevate Immersion

In this 6-month immersion, we'll use my BRAVE framework to support you in taking bold action, radically owning who you are and creating the lifestyle you want to have. This long-term expansion may look like: 

  • Identifying & shifting the deep rooted beliefs holding you back, and adopting new, expansive beliefs

  • Strategies to reconnect to the truest, healthiest version of you, daily

  • Realigning different aspects of your lifestyle- what's working, what isn't, what needs to be released and what are you moving towards?

  • Getting crystal clear on your big-picture vision, then creating/reaching goals, pressure-free and with support through the challenges

  • Exploring embodiment strategies that disrupt unsupportive patterns and ditch distractions to move you forward while saving you time/energy

This option is for you if:

-You want to give yourself time for your growth & healing, respecting what you already have going on and leaving space for 'life happens' moments

-You want to get right down to the root causes for deep growth/healing and have space to reflect and sit with what comes up for you

-You want support in establishing impactful habits (which take time)

5500$ CAD (pay in full)

Email for payment plan options.


Past Client Image


"I got my dream house & Started my dream business!

Working with Melissa was a great experience! She really helped me get clear on what I truly desired and see the bigger picture. I love how supportive and caring she was. Melissa really helped me through some big transitions. Through coaching sessions and one of her programs I was able to find the courage to quit a career I was no longer passionate about, manifest my dream home with a pool AND start my own Reiki business. I look forward to working more with Mel.

I am forever grateful and inspired by her work and her passion for what she does!!!!"


Working with Melissa was the first time I ever had a 1:1 mentor.

I honestly could not have asked for a better experience!

She is silly, energetic, bold, and will absolutely bring the energy to every session. She helped me expand what I knew to be truly possible for myself in my personal and professional life. Through applying what I learned with Melissa/the program, I even left, not only a job but a whole career path (!!) that was no longer serving me. Without her, I don’t know if I ever would have had enough guts, awareness or sense of worthiness to make such a bold move. Melissa teaches you anything is possible and she helps guide you how to take life by the balls.

Having her as your guide/mentor is worth every penny.

Past Client Image


Taking Melissa’s course was one of the best things I ever did for myself.
She really helped me dig deep and uncover the things that were holding me back. She was always there when I needed support, she provided me with tons of resources and tangibles. But most importantly she truly made me feel like she genuinely cared about my success.
I couldn’t have asked for a better coach!

When I first reached out to Mel, I was feeling too busy to keep up with all my tasks.  I wanted to attract more into my life, but felt overwhelmed by what I already had. 

Her mentorship was exactly what I needed. 

She guided me to looking within and finding inner peace. She helped me realize that what I needed was to prioritize more of the things that aligned with me and brought me joy and peace. In doing that, my tasks would flow more easily and I was more efficient with my time. It was amazing to see how I actually had plenty of time and space for all the things, but needed to release the chaotic energy. Creating a more peaceful practice around my days and work tasks have also supported me and given me space to step into a new level, a more confident and firm version of myself.


Not sure if these are the right spaces for you?

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