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Melissa Jirovec is an Identity Mentor, Authenticity Coach & Consultant for women in business who deeply desire to live authentically, as well as radically own their individual path, style and methods.  Melissa guides her clients to find their true voice and fully express themselves in their life & work, building the trust and confidence that will allow them to step into distinctive leadership roles, unique opportunities AND fully enjoy the fruits of their labour.


As a former Registered Nurse & Advocate for preventative medicine, personal development & self-leadership, Melissa's aim is to ensure that on the path to success and more freedom, women do not lose themselves in the hustle, productivity, and noise of the world...but instead, progress towards a lifestyle of liberation by self-honouring, self-resourcing, and having as much fun as possible every step of the way.



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(These are example topics, if there's something you'd be interested in discussing with Melissa, just ask the team!)

  • Crafting your own identity in the online space

  • Success without self-expression- how you're capping your income

  • How to be more authentic in your everyday

  • Moving through fear and 'not enoughness' to use your voice and share your truth

  • Coming back to yourself- Mind, Body, Presence

  • Owning Methods & Boundaries that challenge industry standards

  • Creatively leaning into intuitive power pivots that will make you stand out

  • Being all in- moving away from 'overdoing' and moving back to trust, supports & solutions.

Interested in having Melissa on your platform?


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