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Breathwork is...

A sequence of intentional breathing techniques you can use to get yourself out of a stress response, relax, move out stagnant energy (you know the negative vibey stuff from others + the media?), get into 'get shit done' energy, and ground for deeper meditative experiences (just to give you a few examples).

A self-care practice that allows you to drop into the body (and out of the mind), create presence & heightened awareness and cultivate inner peace.

A cleansing practice that nourishes your mind and body, balances energies and creates clarity by helping you reconnect with your intuition (like washing off the remnants of go-go/distracted energy and coming out freshhhh).


A subscription for those wanting to breathe easy & soften. 

Our breath is so fascinating because it's the one voluntary and involuntary physiological action of the body and brain. 
Buuuuuuuuut if the breath is left unmanaged, we risk falling into a chronic sympathetic (stress) response. 


- The science of the breath
- The mind, body and stress connection
- The vagus nerve + connection to the parasympathetic nervous system
- Pranayama techniques

- A check-in (to make sure I'm putting together a practice that is suitable for where you're at and what you need)
- A demonstration
- A breathwork sequence
- A meditation

Calming practice
(great for relaxation, grounding and stress release)

Activating practice
(great for sluggish days or days you want to 'get shit done')

Cleansing practice
(great for getting rid of negative energy, increasing focus, balancing)

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