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6-month group mentorship program. An invitation to:

  • Release the parts of your life that are not a fit, not supportive, not aligned with where you want to go & what you want to experience (it's time)

  • Bring more of your self-expression to the personal and professional aspects of your life (the secret sauce to magnetism, opportunities, and feeling friggen good about what you choose & how you show up)

  • Be more intentional than ever, so you can have more fun, more excitement, more pleasure and more peace

  • Put yourself in an expansive space where you can be seen & heard, and get the support you need when you need it.  

Living on purpose means-

Making deliberate choices that support how you want to feel, what you want to experience, what you want to have, who you want to be, and what's important to you. 

Empowering yourself by taking control of what you can control, supporting yourself through challenges, and learning about or taking action to access the resources you need to thrive and grow.

No more bullshit- Moving away from distractions. Taking radical responsibility. Saying what you mean, and living what you believe. Taking time to disconnect from the outside noise and setting firm boundaries to honour yourself. Simplifying, prioritizing, enjoying & being flexible. 


When you're not on purpose, you might:

- Feel exhausted & frustrated (often)
- Feel like your everyday is tedious
Experience overwhelm and  avoid/procrastinate/self-sabotage as a result
- Experience low self-worth, a lack of confidence, and/or have a hard time expressing yourself authentically 

But you can always come back to yourself. It all starts with you. 

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