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It's fun to think about your potential-


  • The fun goals you can set.

  • The achievements you can claim.

  • The milestones you can reach & celebrate. 

  • The things you can have & the places you can go... 




But your life is in the everyday.


It's not in the future- it's now. Whether you're where you want to be or not.

And if you're not living a lifestyle that supports ambition, drive, aligned expansion, wellness, clarity, abundance and exponential growth...




You'll be working hard, but staying in place.



EVOLVE 1:1 is Lifestyle Coaching for the woman who is

ready to elevate her everyday experience NOW so she can continue to move towards her deepest desires and exciting goals {without missing out on her life in the process} 

In this space, I will support you in...

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Fully stepping into your power- taking control of what you can control, self-honouring & supporting yourself like a BOSS

Dropping into your body- regulating your nervous system, boosting your energy and reconnecting with your intuition.  

Evolving your mindset, getting crystal clear on your vision, meeting your edges and embodying/experiencing what you truly desire. 

Creating an unapologetic lifestyle you are completely in love with and expressing yourself in service + authentically (no exceptions)


Package 1: Basic- 2 coaching calls/month x 3 months

Package 2: Devoted- 2 coaching calls/month x 3 months + 4 days/week Voxer support

Package 3: All In- 2 coaching calls/month x 6 months + 4 days/week Voxer support

Freedom is a feeling.


...Strutting your confident, unapologetic self into a room, knowing who you are and at ease expressing yourself fully.


...Recognizing stress and activation in yourself, and knowing exactly what to do so that you don't stay there.

...Being picky as hell about the energy you play in and protecting/maintaining/replenishing your energy like a boss- setting yourself up to thrive and experience enthusiastic 'fuck yes!' energy. 

...Attaining your true desires. Honoring your commitments. Healing what's holding you back. Seeing your vision manifest. Clearing out the rest.



That's an evolved lifestyle. 

And that's what we're going to work on together


Client Success Stories:



"I got my dream house & Started my dream business!

Working with Melissa was a great experience! She really helped me get clear on what I truly desired and see the bigger picture. I love how supportive and caring she was. Melissa really helped me through some big transitions. Through coaching sessions and one of her programs I was able to find the courage to quit a career I was no longer passionate about, manifest my dream home with a pool AND start my own Reiki business. I look forward to working more with Mel.

I am forever grateful and inspired by her work and her passion for what she does!!!!"


Working with Melissa was the first time I ever had a 1:1 mentor.

I honestly could not have asked for a better experience!

She is silly, energetic, bold, and will absolutely bring the energy to every session. She helped me expand what I knew to be truly possible for myself in my personal and professional life. Through applying what I learned with Melissa/the program, I even left, not only a job but a whole career path (!!) that was no longer serving me. Without her, I don’t know if I ever would have had enough guts, awareness or sense of worthiness to make such a bold move. Melissa teaches you anything is possible and she helps guide you how to take life by the balls.

Having her as your guide/mentor is worth every penny.

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Taking Melissa’s course was one of the best things I ever did for myself.
She really helped me dig deep and uncover the things that were holding me back. She was always there when I needed support, she provided me with tons of resources and tangibles. But most importantly she truly made me feel like she genuinely cared about my success.
I couldn’t have asked for a better coach!

If you're serious about wanting to feel GREAT where you are & SO PUMPED about

where you're going-

Unapologetically thriving 

Living life on your terms

Honouring yourself deeply

Having SO much fun

Letting your values lead

Being the woman who does/feels/has what she desires


You know what to do!


Melissa Jirovec is a Freedom Lifestyle Creatrix, Author, and Breathwork & Meditation Facilitator, dedicated to liberating women from the 'should' life, and supporting them as they heal disconnection & add *oomph* to their everyday. She is the host of the Thoughts Disrupted Podcast, and her mission is to help you craft your freedom lifestyle for well-being, clarity, calm presence, passionate enthusiasm for life, and unapologetic expression. She has self-published two books and co-authored 3 books in 'The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care' series. 

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